2017 Teachers Conference


Escape from Pompeii

DISCOVER THE UNTOLD STORY All the world knows the legend of Pompeii. In 79 AD Mount Vesuvius erupted, spewing huge waves of volcanic ash over the Bay of Naples. One of Rome’sRead More...
By : admin | Feb 23, 2017

Emeritus Professor John Melville-Jones receives honorary doctorate

Emeritus Professor John Melville-Jones received an honorary doctorate at the Graduation Ceremony on 14th April after being nominated by the Department for his support of  Macquarie’s Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies. HereRead More...
By : admin | Jan 18, 2017

2016 Senior Fellow at ACANS

Dr Anne Lykke Lecturer in ancient history,  Aalborg University, Denmark Tuesday 11. October. Paper for the ‘Negotiating Material Culture’ Conference: “Archaeological Evidence on the Use of Coins in Ancient Greek Sanctuaries”. Seminar RoomRead More...
By : admin | Sep 30, 2016

2016 HSC Study Day

MAHA’s Last Chance  HSC Study Day is on again on 17th September. Covering ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian topics it is an excellent way for students to get the most out ofRead More...
By : admin | Aug 12, 2016

MALS Winter Program Now Available

The Macquarie Ancient Languages School Winter Week Program and Application Form is now available. This year’s program includes: Ancient Greek Biblical and Patristic Greek Egyptian Hieroglyphs Ancient Hebrew Latin Coptic Akkadian ForRead More...
By : admin | May 15, 2016

Dr Michael Birrell Public Lecture

***MAHA PUBLIC LECTURE*** Wednesday, 1st June 2016 at 7pm. To be held in THE SEMINAR ROOM OF THE MUSEUM OF ANCIENT CULTURES, LEVEL 3, X5B The Macquarie Ancient History Association invites youRead More...
By : admin | May 9, 2016


THE MACQUARIE ANCIENT HISTORY ASSOCIATION INVITES YOU TO A PUBLIC LECTURE Associate Professor Tom Stevenson (Classics and Ancient History, The School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry, University of Queensland) JULIUS CAESAR INRead More...
By : admin | Apr 15, 2016

SPECIAL EVENT – Public Lecture, Feb 8: Director of the British School at Rome

The Macquarie Ancient History Association invites you to a Public Lecture Emeritus Professor Edwin Judge, the Founding Father of Ancient History at Macquarie, once referred to Rome as “the big city buriedRead More...
By : admin | Jan 26, 2016